Local Search, Local Marketing Strategies Crucial To Reach Local Customers

Local Internet search and local digital marketing are among the most important marketing strategies small and medium sized businesses must have these days, because the ways the public communicates continue to change at breakneck speed.

Studies have shown that more than 80 percent of purchasing decisions are now researched online first, whether it be on a desktop computer, laptop computer or an Internet-enabled smartphone. As a result, some of the more traditional methods of marketing and advertising are fading in both prominence and effectiveness:

* Yellow Pages: Ask yourself and ask your friends and customers: When is the last time you used the Yellow Pages?
* Newspapers: This industry has been losing paid circulation continuously for more than a half-century. Ask people you know, particularly age 30 and under, the last time they picked up a newspaper.
* Television and radio: There are so many stations that the top station in any market or niche may have less than 10 percent of market share. To reach the number of people in your target market you need to reach to effectively market yourself can be both expensive and inefficient.

To cost-effectively reach local targeted audiences with laser-like precision, a local search and marketing program is a must. It’s not the wave of the future; it is the here and now. You absolutely must have comprehensive local digital marketing strategies to reach local clientele. Components of a local digital marketing strategy include:

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