Facebook For Business: Want To Reach 800 Million People? Or Just Your Neighborhood?

Facebook for business: The world’s most-viewed website is now the best place to get your message out to the most targeted audience possible!

There are now almost 800 million people on Facebook, and Expert Online Business Solutions can get you set up with a Facebook for business page that will allow you to attract a database of fans, and communicate with them directly through Facebook.

Your ability to target an audience through Facebook for business is precise. You can laser-target Facebook users by age range, gender, geography and interests.

The importance and the reach of this giant among social media platforms cannot be underestimated. To ignore it is to ignore a gigantic potential audience and to bypass a huge and active community while trying to build a community of your own. Ignoring Facebook is probably simply not in your business’s best interest.

But understanding how this huge Facebook for business community works and can work for you is a challenge as well.

That’s where Expert Online Business Solutions can make it all happen for you!

One soon-to-become iconic use of Facebook for business in early 2011 was by Taco Bell, which found itself with a huge public relations issue regarding the quality of beef in their food products.

On its Facebook for business page, Taco Bell offered a coupon for a free taco to everyone who clicked “LIKE” to become a fan/friend of Taco Bell. More than 5 million people did so.

Taco Bell now has a targeted prospects list of nearly 6 million people who have said they like Taco Bell, and can communicate with this entire list simply by posting a status update. Direct targeted marketing like this is impossible in the traditional media, and Expert Online Business Solutions can set up a Facebook for business page and campaign like this for businesses, organizations and campaigns of any size!

Brands, regardless of size and focus, are converging on Facebook where the idea of connecting with customers and prospects represents a potential boon for both earning relevance in a new domain as well as expanding overall reach. Facebook for business is a sparkplug for word of mouth and when engaged, contributes to the end of business as usual and the beginning of social commerce.

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