Social Coupons: Distribute Your Offers Virally Through Facebook

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Social coupons can best be described as online coupons on steroids.

Not only do social coupons have a high rate of return, but they can be spread virally through the power of Facebook!

With Expert Online Business Solutions’ social coupons, small businesses can dramatically increase their exposure on Facebook by leveraging their existing online presence, whether it’s their Web site, citations by other Web sites, or even their own Facebook page. There’s no need to pay for expensive Web designs or costly advertising. Expert Online Business Solutions’ social coupons are a cost-effective alternative.

There are no monthly subscriptions, commitments or contracts. You “pay as you go” and you only pay for what you need. Whether your business is running a 2-for-1 special this month or 10% off future orders, Expert Online Business Solutions enables you to create shareable and trackable Facebook social coupons for as little as $12 per campaign.

These social coupons can be used on Facebook, but they can be distributed any number of ways.

Each social coupons campaign has a unique URL which can be pasted into online media, or used in printed marketing and advertising messages. When someone clicks on the link, they are taken to a “fan gate” page where they are instructed to click “Like” for access to a coupon or discount.

If the person clicks, then they are presented with a digital coupon they can print out and redeem at the business location. Not only that, but the fact that they liked the coupon is sent out as a Facebook status update for all of his or her Facebook friends to have access to. There is no limit to the number of times this process can repeat, which is what makes it so potentially viral. Get someone with thousands of friends to click “Like,” and look out!

A new option just recently introduced allows business owners and managers the option to have coupons activated after multiple visits to the business, a form of a loyalty program. (An example would be a program like, after five haircuts get your sixth haircut free.)

Think of how many of your friends and customers are on Facebook. Can you wait any longer to get social coupons and offers to them where they not only can act on them, but distribute them to all of their friends? We think not!

The time to act is now, so click the social coupons link here to experience first-hand the power and potential of social coupons from Expert Online Business Solutions!

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  • Fill out and submit the form below to receive a special 50% off coupon code for our mobile website services and mobile apps services!

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