Mobile Coupons: Billions Being Issued To Eager Consumers

Here’s a dirty little secret about printed coupons: the big numbers they tell you about circulation and impressions may sound impressive, but the fact is that a tiny fraction of the readers actually look at those coupons, and even fewer have any intention of spending money. So you end up wasting money by paying for coupons that very few people see.

Mobile coupons usually reach the consumer when he or she is out of the house and most likely to buy. Moreover, there’s no cumbersome paper to clip and have with you when you are about to buy. Mobile coupons are right on your customers’ cell phones ready for them to use. And ready to choose one business over another.

By 2013, 200 million Americans are projected to have redeemed a mobile coupon, thus making mobile coupons one of the hottest modern advertising methods in the United States today.

Mobile marketing, and mobile coupons, is opt-in marketing. This means that companies cannot send mobile marketing messages to anyone who has not given them permission to do so. At Expert Online Business Solutions, we make it easy for you to get your current and future customers’ permission to receive mobile coupons and other messages from you. And, we’ll get you set up to send mobile coupons and messages as often or as infrequently as meets your marketing needs best.

Mobile coupons are one of the most-used mobile marketing solutions in the USA and the most effective way of running a loyalty program. According to Juniper Research, 3 billion mobile coupons are going to be issued to customers around the world this year. Don’t get left behind on this important modern marketing trend!

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