Text Marketing: Contact Your Customers, Colleagues and Followers Instantly

Text marketing fact: Did you know that only 22 percent of users read their email subscription messages, but 97 percent read text messages?

Reach your customers instantly and effectively with text marketing solutions offered by Expert Online Business Solutions. Here’s how it works:

Say you own a restaurant. Let your customers know how they can sign up to be notified of great deals by posting the information where they can easily see it, like the lobby, the front window, and table cards at each table. Your customers subscribe by sending a text message to the number you provide. Then all you have to do is text participants a special offer. It’s a great way to pick things up when business is slow.

It’s easy to sign up!

Just text EOBS to 41242, and you’ll receive information on how to redeem a coupon for a one-month free trial of our text marketing service.


Just redeem the coupon, and someone from Expert Online Business Solutions will contact you to learn more about how we best can set you up for success through text marketing.

And, it’s not only restaurants who can benefit from text marketing.

Retail stores can send text messages about sales and specials directly to their customers. Doctors can use the service to send automated appointment reminders to their patients’ cell phones. Night spots can use it to let their customers know about special promotions and discounts. And it all happens instantly. Messages are sent directly to customers’ mobile phones. You don’t need to hope they have seen their e-mail or the ad in the paper or on television, or hope they have heard the ad on the radio. Direct, targeted marketing like this is impossible through traditional media.

School districts, college campuses and other organizations responsible for notifying large numbers of people can use this system to broadcast weather alerts, safety messages and other important information that needs to be received instantly.

Political campaigns can use this text marketing system to rally or direct supporters instantly and simultaneously. In truth, the only limitation to the effectiveness of this system is your imagination. Get started by texting EOBS to 41242, or by filling out the form on the right side of this page for a free consultation. To qualify for the free month of text marketing offer, you must redeem the texted coupon information as directed.

Don’t delay! Get started with one of our discounted text marketing programs today!

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  • Fill out and submit the form below to receive a special 50% off coupon code for our mobile website services and mobile apps services!

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